Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Return to Journaling

It's been awhile. But today seemed like the right day to start posting again. It's April 27th; 2010 brought an unusually mild winter and a warm, early spring. We had flowers blooming in late March! That rarely happens in this neck of the woods. So it would be perfectly reasonable to expect, one month later, that the mild weather was here to stay for awhile. Am I right? Not so fast, honey. Snow's been falling all day. Temperatures a few degrees above freezing. The drive home? Blech! I swear that the flowers are wearing expressions; the tulips are shocked, the flowering shrubs, dismayed and the daffodils are downright depressed. As for the Magnolia trees that opened their showy blooms in the balmy sunshine this past week, well, all they can say is, WTF.

Yesterday was gorgeous. Today I'm diggin' my down coat and winter boots out of the closet just to take the dog for a walk. Outrageous.

All that makes for a nice segueway to this. It's a video of Gloria Steinem discussing doing outrageous or shocking things (in the cause of justice) and having a good time doing them. I considered pulling a fire alarm today while I was sitting through a rather tedious portion of a course I'm taking with some of my colleagues (social justice?), but the tedious part didn't last long. I settled for donning snow boots in April instead.

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