Friday, December 12, 2008

Noticed by the Techno Peasant

TP: You have a blog too? It must be about erotica!

HO: More like "Neurotica". You got the perversion part right, 'though.

An early Christmas present

TP: Hey, I hear that the boss is off on a conference and won't be back until the new year.

HO: Yep.

TP: What's the conference? Soft Skills for Dummies?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

15 days until Christmas

Freezing rain in the big city today. Normally that brings a bit of respite from the usual office stupidity, because many of the staff who live off-island fail to make it in to work. Not today, 'though.

I arrive at the office to find the operations folk in a tizzy because one of the servers is not responding and she can not reach the system administrator for that machine. I try connecting to it by its host name and the machine appears to respond right away. But something is wrong; I can't log in. So I trek to the machine room to find the machine humming away and happily responding to its console. What gives?

A bit more poking around and the truth is revealed; someone stole our host name for their own server and instructed the network people to have our server's name point to their server's IP address. Nice. And who did this? Why it's our manager, of course! Really nice! The mind boggles.