Friday, August 28, 2009

Long time no blog

When I started this thing, I promised myself I would make several entries a week. Yeah right. Anywhore, it's time to get back on the bandwagon, so to speak.

These past few months have been much more tolerable, since the dude in the Corner Office got the boot and his evil minion (aka Big A) has been somewhat destabilized by the whole thing. It seems that the new head honcho at this here institute of higher larnin' just did not see IT to IT with Corner Office Dude and put him out to pasture. Not a moment too soon, as my colleagues and I were all seriously rethinking our career paths.

The replacement Corner Office dude is a temp; bridging the gap until a new pointy-haired boss can be found. Trouble is, temp Corner Office Dude wants out by year end and the promised "international search" for a new Visionary to lead this IT quagmire has yet to be launched.

Fun times. And now, you're up to date.